Tile Launches Tile for Cats to Give Cat Owners Peace of Mind

Calling All Cat Parents: Monitor Your Tabby With Tile’s Bluetooth Trackers

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Roof tileto life360 pioneer in finding technology, today announces the launch of Tile for Catsan accessory kit that combines Tile Sticker with a silicone collar accessory so indoor cats can run around the house.

Available online now at Azulejos.com, Tile for Cats uses Tile’s smallest tracker, the Tile Sticker, to create a convenient, secure and discreet way for users to keep track of their sneaky felines, who often hide in dark places. Users can attach the Tile Sticker to the silicone attachment and stick it to their cat’s collar to monitor their whereabouts. With a Bluetooth range of 250 feet, the Tile for Cats collar accessory gives cats the freedom to do as they please while giving cat owners the peace of mind that stray felines won’t find themselves. they lose, and no time will be wasted looking for them.

Tile for Cats is the first pet-specific offering in the Tile family of products, helping Tile on its mission to keep everyone connected to the things (and furry friends) that matter most. The accessory kit is compatible with both Android and iPhone users and can be used with or without a Tile Premium subscription. Additionally, Life360 members can link their Tile Sticker within the cat accessory to their account, allowing their “Circle” of family and friends to see the location of the roaming furry boy within their Life360 map.

“Pets play an important role in our lives and we strive to meet the needs of the whole family, or your chosen family,” said the Life360 co-founder and CEO. chris hooves. “Our designers saw that users were looking for ways to monitor the whereabouts of their cats and create impromptu attachments. So it was a no-brainer to develop a much-needed cat accessory for our ecosystem that connects and protects everyone and everything that matters most. matter”.

Tile Sticker’s non-removable battery lasts for up to three years, and the sticker can be easily replaced inside the accessory once the battery runs out. The durable silicone collar is designed to sit close to the cat’s neck instead of dangling, fits most cat collars, and can be stretched 1.7 times without tearing or losing shape. In addition, Tile for Cats is designed to withstand all indoor explorations of a cat, with double attachment points and a special coating to prevent hair, dirt and dust from sticking to it. The sticker supports voice-assisted search via Alexa, Google and Siri, allowing for hands-free feline locating.

The Tile for Cats accessory joins Tile’s existing line of Bluetooth trackers that come in various shapes, sizes and styles. Tile For Cats is available in black or white and can be purchased at Azulejos.com.

About Life360 and Tile

As the world’s leading member of security and location services, Life360 offers busy families peace of mind and freedom by connecting and protecting everyone and everything that matters most. Combined with Tile, a Life360 company and pioneer in search technology, members can locate missing items and see that everything is where it belongs at a glance. Life360 makes it possible for families to coordinate daily activities in real time, keep track of children, connect with friends, find pets and important items, give teens safe independence, help in emergencies and much more. Visit vida360.com either Azulejos.com to learn more about how Life360 brings families together and Tile ensures missing items don’t get lost.

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