Sydney Double Bay family is offering a free room in their Eastern Suburbs home for a full-time cat sitter

By Louise Allingham for Daily Mail Australia

05:10 May 10, 2023, updated 05:14 May 10, 2023

  • Sydney’s family is looking for a full time cat sitter
  • The nanny will live rent-free in your house.
  • But there is no free time on weekends or holidays.

A wealthy family in Sydney’s luxurious eastern suburbs is hiring a full-time nanny for “Australia’s most beloved, beautiful and pampered cat”.

In exchange for their service to the family’s ‘beautiful’ feline, they will receive a salary and live rent-free in one of Harbor City’s most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods.

The ad is circulating online as hundreds of cat lovers say the job is their “unheard of dream” position, yet others aren’t so sure as it offers no time off even on weekends or holidays. .

Others claim that pet owners “have no right” to own a cat if they can’t properly care for it.

The ad said the ideal candidate must have experience with cats, either professionally or as a pet owner, and will live rent-free in the employer’s home.

“Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take care of a pet full-time and just focus on the care and love of a cat,” Seek’s listing reads.

“This position will require someone who is available to live full time and stay at home to care for Australia’s most beloved, beautiful and pampered cat.”

A ‘busy’ family is looking for a full-time nanny who will live rent-free in Sydney’s eastern suburbs to look after ‘Australia’s most beloved, beautiful and spoiled cat’

The sitter will have her own room and all facilities within the cat owner’s Double Bay home.

No salary is disclosed, however the ad states that it will be negotiated based on the applicant’s experience and qualifications.

Duties and responsibilities include “feeding, walking, playing, and providing love and attention” to the cat, as well as daily cleaning of the food and litter areas.

The caretaker must also be involved ‘with the cat in play, enrichment activities and mental stimulation, as well as keeping it company’.

Every day, they will need to take the feline out on multiple outings into the garden and yard and perform checks and checks to make sure it is safe and sound.

According to the ad, the position is suitable for a single person who does not have pets of their own and is interested in staying long-term in a “stable” position.

The position requires experience caring for cats, either professionally or as a pet owner, as well as “a passion for cats and a deep understanding of their needs.” An animal lover at heart.

The caretaker must be involved ‘with the cat in play, enrichment and mental stimulation activities, as well as keeping it company’ with no free time on weekends or holidays (stock image)

Cat lovers are in an uproar as word of their “dream job” spreads with many quickly applying.

‘Well…too much for an office job,’ one person replied while another said: ‘Shit, I’ve found my calling.’

‘In Sydney right now this is a dream. You get accommodation and a salary to take care of a cat,” someone added.

“I’m already doing this for my girl, except nobody pays me,” a fourth joked.

However, many pointed out that the job may not be ideal, as the ad states that the nanny has to work six to seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

‘Sounds a bit weird to me… but what the hell,’ said one woman.

“They’re looking for someone single who wants to make their life revolve around a cat,” a second replied.

‘I thought, oh wow, what a dream… but no spare time?’ said a third, while another thought it sounded ‘dodgy’.

One cat owner was quick to point out that pets often sleep for hours, so despite having no free time, the average workday wouldn’t be strenuous.

Cats sleep 18 hours a day. Do the calculations for working hours,’ they said.

Others criticized the family for not caring for their own pet.

‘Why have a cat if you’re not going to play with it or keep it company?’ said one woman.

‘This is just lazy, you shouldn’t have animals,’ he slammed a second.