Marci Koski's cat has an expression that resembles a smile.

You’ve heard the stereotypes: dogs are loyal to their owners and cats All in all, you couldn’t care less about them.

But this is wrong. Studies have found cats form bonds with human caregivers similarly to dogs and even children. Our cats, in fact, love us.

The two pets certainly have different ways to show it, however. Dogs wag their tails and lick our faces to show that they are happy to see us. we also know They smile to greet us

So how do cats express happiness? This is what a specialist has to say.

Do cats smile?

Cats smile, but not the way humans do: While we flash a smile to show our happiness, cats smile with their teeth, says Marci Koski, a feline training and behavior consultant. cats smile for squinting, closing them partially or totally. Their pupils may also dilate while doing this.