Black Dog Animal Rescue Adoptable Pets - May 23, 2023 |  lifestyles


Meet Axel! This beefy boy is ready for a new home. He has been with other dogs and gets along well with them. The dogs he currently lives with don’t play with him much and that makes him a bit sad. He wouldn’t mind having a playmate that he wants to play with once in a while. It is better that he go to a home without cats. He hasn’t been around little kids much. The only time he was, he was respectful to them if they were respectful to him. He is a big boy, around 95 pounds. He could benefit from daily exercise to help trim his waist a bit. He doesn’t like being cooped up all day, but when you have to leave him, he does well in his kennel. Bonus: he’s housetrained. He does listen to his orders (sit, lie down, stay still) if someone is assertive with him. He tends to want to push his limits and see what he can get away with. He is very loyal once he knows that you are his person. He will be your shadow and he will follow you everywhere. Whether he’s a Shepherd fan or just looking for a large breed dog, Axel is a stellar choice!

Molly Adoptable Dog


Meet Molly! Molly graduated from our PACK Program, an intensive 9-week program for routine obedience, agility, and handling training with an inmate trainer, and she’s ready to show off her newfound skills! At first, Molly can be a delicate and sensitive soul. She takes a little time to trust you, but once she does, she becomes a loyal and loving dog. She gets along well with other dogs. She has an affinity for the outdoors and loves to be chased or the chaser for other dogs. She can become vocal as she plays, needing only a gentle reminder to play calmly. She was quiet in her kennel in the PACK program and is house trained. Molly is eager to learn and is highly motivated. She is an amazing girl who deserves the best! Apply to meet her today!

Pepe Adoptable Dog


Old Pepe doesn’t know many commands, but he knows that he loves food and would be willing to learn if you give him a tasty treat. Pepe’s foster mother said that she learned the command “kennel” quickly but otherwise she only knows “sit”. For a 9-year-old, Pepe has a serious, almost puppy-like quality. He would like to play with other dogs and he is equally happy sleeping on the couch. Pepe wants ALL the attention and will whine a bit when another dog tries to get his share and is easily corrected. He rarely barks and would do well living in an apartment. Pepe is a bit shy at first, although he warms up quickly. The craving for love and attention from him overcomes any shyness. Are you looking for a nice senior dog to retire in your home? Pepe could be the chosen one! Apply today to meet him!

Cat Lyric Adoptable


Lyric is a young shorthaired domestic mix. He will sing you a melody. Lyric is good with other cats and is litter box trained. He walks by and meet him.

Luna Adoptable Cat


Meet Luna, she is a mature shorthaired domestic mix looking for her perfect home. Luna is good with other cats in the home, but she would do better without dogs. She is also litter box trained.

Majestic Adoptable Cat


Majestic is a shorthaired domestic mix with a beautiful colored coat. She’s just a kitten looking for love. Majestic is good with other cats and litter box trained. Come meet her today!