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As much as we’re used to the idea that cats only like to take naps for 16 to 20 hours, a busy kitty is a happy kitty. Your feline companion is not much different from his wildcat ancestor either physically or behaviorally. They still have strong predatory instincts and need mental stimulation and enriching game.

We can incorporate enriching play with cat toys, but finding cat toys Exciting your cat for more than a few minutes can be challenging. That’s where I love to help. As a specialist in cat behavior and founder of the feline realizedI always look for toys that appeal to your cat and meet their instinctual, sensory, cognitive, and emotional needs.

All toys can lose their novelty at some point, so an easy tip is to have a toy rotation where you cycle the toys or change locations every other day, but finding quality cat toys is always the best place to start. begin. I’ve compiled this list of my favorite Amazon cat toys that go above and beyond to satisfy and enrich your inner feral cat.