Adoptable Pets from Arizona Humane Society, Maricopa County and Arizona Small Dog Rescue (10/5/23)

Taylor has come a long journey to find her forever home. This sweet 2-year-old Labrador Retriever mix was pregnant when she was found straying near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her shelter there had no room for her and her growing litter of puppies, so the Humane Society of Arizona Outreach Project brought her to Arizona to start a new life. Shortly after Taylor’s arrival, she welcomed 10 adorable pups into the world. Taylor and her puppies were placed in a Foster Hero home where her puppies could grow big and strong. Now that her pups are old enough to find homes of their own, it’s Taylor’s turn to find the perfect match. She would love to find a loving family that would give her all the tummy rubs she deserves from her. At this time, Taylor’s adoption fees and all AHS adoptable pets are completely free until Monday, March 15. Learn more about Taylor and the rest of AHS’s adoptable pets at

CalypsoAre you ready to welcome a loving and playful furry friend into your family? Look no further than Calypso. Calypso is a sweet girl who loves to explore the world. She is a pro on leash and enjoys leisurely walks and invigorating adventures. Calypso is ideal for a home with children and adults. She may be shy at first, but with patience and understanding, she will gradually come out of her shell. Visit to meet her! Calypso | 5 years | 52 pounds | Spayed female | identification number A4860512 |mcacc

Shadow –

Amelia Earhart:

Turbo Our sweet boy Turbo is looking for his forever home! With Turbo by your side, long walks will become treasured moments of connection and exploration. Turbo’s candy-loving nature makes him the perfect student for learning new tricks. Turbo longs for a peaceful home with adults and older children, where he can be showered with unconditional love as uniquely his. Visit to meet your new best friend.Turbo | 2 years | 36 pounds | Neutered Male | identification number A4865695 |mcacc



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Samson Our furry friend, Samson, wants to go home with you! He is looking for a forever companion to ride with through his golden years, enjoying leisurely walks and cozy cuddle sessions. If you’re looking for a movie night buddy who likes a tummy rub, Samson is your perfect match! Visit to meet your new best friend. Samson | 8 years | 67 pounds | Neutered Male | identification number A4817480 |mcacc


Maya –

Mahoney Looking for a furry friend who loves long walks and learning new tricks? Look no further than Mahoney! With Mahoney, every moment is filled with endless fun. Whether she’s exploring new trails or teaching you awesome tricks, the bond you’ll share is sure to be utterly unforgettable. Mahoney will thrive best in a home with adults and older children, where she can receive unlimited love and attention. Visit to meet her!Mahoney | 7 years | 53 pounds | Spayed female | identification number A4845829|mcacc


GomezLooking for a furry companion to join your family? Meet Gomez! Gomez is a loving boy eagerly looking for a loving forever home. This adorable pup has a special talent: he’s an excellent taste tester! If you like tasty snacks, Gomez is the perfect guy to share those delicious moments. Although Gomez is incredibly friendly, he prefers to be the only fur baby in the house. This means that he can receive all the attention and love that he deserves. Visit to meet him!Gomez| 7 years | 53 pounds | Neutered Male | identification number A4833425 |mcacc



SaguaroYour ultimate desert companion is here. Say hello to Saguaro! Whether it’s a leisurely walk in the park, a refreshing dip in the doggie pool, or an exciting game of fetch, Saguaro is always ready to join the fun! If you’re an active family looking for a loyal companion to accompany you on your adventures, Saguaro is your guy. He is eager to be his personal trainer, which motivates him to stay active and adopt an adventurous lifestyle. Visit to find out!Saguaro | 2 years | 51 pounds | Neutered Male | identification number A4847450 |mcacc

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