Valerie Bertinelli loves her cats, and so do we

Family is more than the people you are related to. Family sometimes has hair and four legs, and if you have a pet, you know exactly what I mean. Our dogs, cats, and other companion animals offer connection, comedy, and most importantly, unconditional love. While it may not seem like we have much in common with celebrities, the exception to that rule is Valerie Bertinelli, who has a house full of furry friends that she treats like family. We talked to Valerie about her kitties and her sweet personalities; she reads on to learn more about what makes them purrrperfect.

Valerie Bertinelli’s Pet Paradise

bertinelli He shares his home with a rescue dog, Luna, and six cats. She loves all of her animals equally, but since her family is so feline, we asked her about the kittens: Batman, Tigger, Henry, Bubba, Beau, and Nelson. We love their names, and not just because betty white I came up with two of them one of them is moon. “I think about her all the time,” Bertinelli said of White in January 2022. “He named two of my pets, so he’s always around me.”

While these cats are all cute, that’s pretty much the only thing they have in common; each have markedly distinct personalities. Bertinelli even has an Instagram account (@lobosmiau) where he documents his daily work. If you don’t follow it yet, you’re missing out.

Valerie on her pet Instagram account

When asked about his cats’ personalities, Bertinelli couldn’t wait to share. “Batman is the smallest in the house; he is the king of the house,” she began. “He is all black and he is my baby and he is the one who sleeps with me more than anyone. I think he weighs about 9 pounds.

Then there’s Tigger, who’s the big one. I think he’s like 13 or 14 pounds and he’s the one who meets me at the top of the stairs every morning. He doesn’t go in. He sometimes he comes in and sleeps next to me during the day if I take a nap, but he likes to sit outside and then he greets me and meows at me in the morning. He is the meow of the morning.

Henry is Mr. Cool, Mr. Chill. He absolutely loves Andrea, Wolfie’s fiancée, and then Bubba and Beau are my mom’s cats and now they live with me. Bubba and Beau absolutely adore Wolfie. Wolfie comes here to take off his shoes on purpose so Bubba will rub them all over so he can have Bubba’s fur on his shoes when he goes on tour.

Then there’s Nelson, who was my first foster failure, who’s a little fickle, but he’s so beautiful and so sweet. Nelson, I think, thinks that he would like to be a single cat because he would be great if none of the other five cats were here. He is upset with everyone in the house except me. “

Our favorite pet photos from Valerie’s Instagram

After hearing about Valerie Bertinelli’s cats, wouldn’t you like to see them in action? While every post on her Instagram is paw-Some, there are definitely some standouts. These are some of our favorites.

Batman snuggling with Valerie in bed.

Turn up the volume of her sweet purr. What a way to start the day!

Tigger on the stairs.

It’s right where Valerie said she likes to be. Her little meow is melting our hearts.

Nelson does not like to dine alone.

If you’re going to eat with Nelson, it’s best to get a table for two.

Dynamic Duo, Bubba and Beau, sunbathing.

With a catio Well, I’d be catching some rays too.

Valerie helps Henry get his music career off the ground.

Again Henry! Bis!

Flashback photo of Batman, Tigger, Henry and Nelson.

What photogenic kitties.

Luna the puppy, ready for her walk.

Not technically a kitten, but she’s so cute she deserves recognition.

Valerie Bertinelli is relatable not only because she loves her pets, but also because she can’t seem to stop taking photos of them. (My phone’s camera roll is full of my dog.) Follow Valerie (@wolfiesmom) and their pets (@lobosmiau) On Instagram. Want even more Valerie? read about your journey with body acceptance here.