The Grimsby family's heartbreak when their two cats were poisoned with antifreeze

TO grimsby Mom was devastated after one of her cats, whom she described as the “most perfect cat in the world,” died after being poisoned with antifreeze.

Stacey Hughes, 33, who lives on Alexandra Road, wants to alert other cat owners in the area to be vigilant after her two cats, Dobby, 6, and Odin, 10 months, were poisoned. with antifreeze the same day. .

Sadly, Dobby could not be saved, and Odin is now “not the same cat anymore”.

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Stacey first became aware of the horrific situation when her daughter woke her up on Thursday morning (May 4) to tell her that her youngest cat couldn’t walk.

Speaking to Grimsby Live, he said: “My daughter said my youngest cat, Odin, couldn’t walk and couldn’t stand on his hind legs. I immediately took him to Blue Cross, and they were very surprised to see what a state he was in. he was in. He was fine on his own, but he just had no control over his hind legs, his rear end was backwards, so they kept him for testing.

Dobby tragically died as a result of the poisoning.(Image: Stacey Hughes)

“I came home to get my other cat, Dobby, and she didn’t come home until 7pm. Cross too. They put her in right away because they had seen what Odin looked like.