The cutest dogs in the world: Chihuahua vs.  Maltese

When comparing the Chihuahua to the Maltese, which is cuter? Both are small puppies with googly eyes and great personalities.

Maltese dogs have fluffy white coats, floppy ears, and can be very protective despite their small size. Chihuahua coats come in a myriad of colors and even two lengths. They are brave and energetic.

In this article we will talk about Chihuahuas vs. Maltese dogs, what’s so cute about them and who would win a beauty contest.

Chihuahuas have two types of fur: long-haired and short-haired.

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What makes Chihuahuas cute?

Large eyes

Chihuahuas have been bred to have large eyes, similar to Maltese and many others. small dog breeds. The reason they are bred this way is to trigger an instinctive response in humans.

When we see animals with big eyes, we are reminded of human babies, whom we are naturally predisposed to care for and find cute!

adorable coats

Maltese dogs have a unique coat color, but Chihuahuas have many! These include:

  • Black
  • black and tan
  • blue and tan
  • Chocolate
  • chocolate and tan
  • Cream
  • Flatter
  • fawn and white
  • Red

Chihuahuas also have two types of coats: shorthair and long, wispy hair.

vertical ears

Chihuahuas have large, erect ears, just like cat ears, but bigger! Their ears naturally stand upright as they get older and they are super cute!

pocket size

Chihuahuas are five to eight inches tall and weigh less than six pounds. If you like small dogs that are easy to carry or walk on a leash, a Chihuahua could be perfect for you! They are also quite cheap to feed compared to the larger breeds.


Chihuahuas have cute, high-pitched voices. They tend to bark a lot, so consider whether you’ll find it cute!

Personally, I like vocal pups. But I do recommend teaching a “quiet” command for when you need peace and quiet.

Also, provide your Chihuahua with plenty of exercise and mental enrichment. A bored dog is more likely to bark excessively.

huddled up

Chihuahuas love to snuggle up with their favorite humans or even other pets! Part of this is that they are very affectionate and can be clingy. Another part is that Chihuahuas get cold easily, so they can also curl up to absorb your body heat.

high energy

Chihuahuas have a lot of energy in their little bodies! They most likely won’t do well with strenuous exercise, such as running or long walks, because they have short, small legs.

But they do need plenty of daily exercise in the form of daily walks and play.


Chihuahuas are perhaps one of the bravest dog breeds! They can be braver than some dogs ten times their size.

They can also be quite boisterous and some Chihuahuas are reactive. It’s important to train your Chihuahua as you would a large dog, socializing him and making sure he feels safe and happy in public spaces.


Lastly, Chihuahuas are smart! Sometimes they can outthink their people, even, which presents some training challenges.

As we discussed earlier, it’s just as important to train your small dogs like Chihuahuas and Maltese as it is to train larger puppies. The same methods will work too: keep training positive and engaging, and avoid punishment and aversive training methods.

Long-haired Maltese dog.
The Maltese have long, white coats. Sometimes they have black dots.


What makes the Maltese cute?

Rounded eyes

Maltese dogs have large, round eyes, similar to Chihuahuas. They are dark in color and really stand out against their white coats.

long white robe

The Maltese coat is longer even than the long-haired Chihuahua’s coat. Like human hair, it grows constantly and sheds very little.

Unlike the Chihuahua’s plethora of coat colors, the Maltese breed standard only accepts white coats. It also specifies that Maltese dogs can have black points.

Floppy ears

Unlike the large ears of the Chihuahua, the Maltese ears are almost hidden by their fur. They are flexible with a long coat that blends in perfectly with the rest of the coat.

Small size

Maltese are slightly larger than Chihuahuas, standing seven to nine inches at the shoulder and weighing less than seven pounds.

high pitched bark

They also have cute, high-pitched barks. But Maltese are less prone to excessive barking than Chihuahuas.


True lap dogs, Maltese love to cuddle and are very affectionate with family. They can be more distant with strangers due to their protective nature.


Maltese make excellent watchdogs, even if they are unlikely to succeed. watchdogs. They strive to keep their families safe!


They are also headstrong and can be difficult to train. This is partly because they are very smart and have their own thoughts on how to do things.

A long haired chihuahua on a white background.
Chihuahuas are prone to health problems such as luxating kneecaps, dental disease, and epilepsy.


Chihuahuas vs Maltese: opening the curtain

not all about dog the property is nice. What are some less adorable aspects of each breed, and what care do they need on a day-to-day basis? Continue reading to find out!


Both types of Chihuahua need to be brushed weekly. Pay particular attention to long-haired Chis, as their coat can develop painful mats if not combed down to the skin in all areas.

Maltese require daily grooming unless their coat is shaved. Because it is so long, it can quickly develop tangles and mats.

Remember that these dogs are small, so be careful with the comb. Don’t try to untangle them, instead gently pull them out with your fingers or cut them with scissors if necessary.

Both Chihuahuas and Maltese should be bathed regularly, declawed monthly, and teeth brushed daily.


Both breeds are energetic and require daily walks along with play time to stay in shape. The walks also provide your dog with mental stimulation through smell, which is very enriching for him.

No breed should be expected to keep up with vigorous exercise. Know the signs of overexertion, like excessive panting or drooling, and stop when your pup needs you!


Maltese and Chihuahuas are stubborn and intelligent breeds. They can learn many things, but it takes patience and dedication.

Avoid aversive punishments and training methods, and instead focus on rewarding good behavior and redirecting bad behavior. Keep training sessions short, fun and rewarding!


Both breeds are prone to common genetic health problems in small dogs, such as luxating patella and dental disease. They are also prone to eye and heart diseases.

Maltese are prone to liver problems and encephalitis (swelling of the brain). Chihuahuas are prone to epilepsy.

If you’re not rescuing a dog (which I highly recommend!), it’s important to find a reputable breeder. Never buy from a breeder that doesn’t perform all recommended health tests and publish the results for easy access.

Prettiest / cutest dogs - Maltese puppy running on grass
Maltese need haircuts every four to six weeks, and most people choose to take them to a professional groomer.


Are Chihuahuas or Maltese cuter?

So, now is the moment of decision. We’ve gone over everything cute about these breeds, as well as how to care for them and some less desirable traits. Who do you think will win in the Chihuahua vs Maltese matchup?

In all honesty, it’s very subjective! Do you like the long fluffy hair of the Maltese? Or the giant ears of the Chihuahua?

Can you put up with Chi’s regular barking, or do you prefer a more subdued bark like a Maltese?

Is it okay to pay a groomer every four to six weeks to give your Maltese a haircut, or would a short-haired Chihuahua be easier on your finances?

Can you give them the time these two dogs need to thrive? Or are you spending too much time away from home and should consider another pet?

Everyone will have different answers, and I personally think this is great, it means there are great homes for both breeds!

Remember to carefully consider all aspects of adopting a dog before committing. After all, everyone likes to have a cute pet, but they are living things, not just accessories. Both Maltese and Chihuahuas require an investment of time, energy, money, and love to thrive.

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