Social Media Rescue Cats Share Message Of Strength & Love

Dorito, a one-eyed orange cat, has conquered millions of hearts in instagram. Her adorable looks draw people in and her heartwarming story keeps them coming back for more.

Along with their rescue brothers Ziggy and Herbie, the trio of sweet disabled kitties share an important message while entertaining their fans on social media.

The story of Dorito, the one-eyed orange kitten

Contributed photo – Michelle Babineau

Owner Michelle Babineau of Halifax Nova Scotia remembers first meeting Dorito and falling in love.

“In 2017, I received a call from my aunt about an injured cat that had been seen at her friend’s farm. When I first saw Dorito, I immediately fell in love with him and knew I had to adopt,” Babineau said exclusively. The explosion. “She had the cutest little face and the sweetest personality.”

Babineau said he quickly noticed that one of Dorito’s eyes was not in very good condition, so he took it to the vet without delay. The vet told him that Dorito had a corneal ulcer that was hopeless and, unfortunately, his eye had to be removed.

“Further examination revealed the extent of Dorito’s injury. His eye had not been treated for at least a year. He was also treated for an ear infection,” he recalls.

“Dorito adopted into my care almost immediately and even slept next to me that very night. Following his surgery, Dorito made a speedy recovery and continues to live life to the fullest, exhibiting boundless energy and showing no signs of deterioration.”

dorito king
King Dorito – Instagram

Dorito’s personality is part of the reason he attracts so many fans on Instagram. Of course, the other part is the adorable face of him. While the page currently has almost 50,000 followers, one of her recent posts received more than 3 million likes.

“There are several reasons why I think people are drawn to Dorito’s Instagram page. First of all, I think his distinctive and lovable appearance immediately captures attention and arouses curiosity among viewers,” Babineau said. The explosion.

“In addition, his quirky personality adds charm and likeability. I think many people have a love for disabled animals, which inspires them to follow Dorito’s journey and show support for their resilience and perseverance.”

Dorito has a unique personality that sets him apart from other cats.

dorito king
King Dorito – Instagram

Babineau said that Dorito’s personality is unique from any other cat he has ever met. He has energy for days and loves to play with anyone and anything.

“Even if there is nothing to play with, he will improvise and find a way to entertain himself. Seeing him chasing his own tail is a particular highlight, as he gets so involved in the game that he will start hissing on his own tail,” he said.

“It’s hard not to be amused by Dorito’s antics, and he brings a fun, upbeat energy to our home. His playful nature is contagious and it’s hard to resist his enthusiastic invitations to play. Dorito is a true character”.

When a particular post on Instagram went viral, Babineau said she was delighted with the response to something so moving.

“There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that others share the same level of appreciation for my beloved feline companion,” he said.

“It was really moving to see the number of people who expressed their admiration for Dorito, and it made me feel even more grateful to have such a special animal in my life. It was a joy to see so many people express their love for my furry friend.”

Babineau said that if Dorito could talk, he figures she would be a complete charmer due to her gentle and appreciative nature.

“I envision him as a positive and optimistic feline, always looking for the good in every situation and eager to spread joy and positivity to those around him,” he said.

“Knowing his love of food, Dorito could also use his newfound voice to try to persuade us to let him enjoy more treats and delicious foods, perhaps insisting that he has already reached an ideal weight and no longer needs to worry about making diet”.

Dorito has two rescued brothers with disabilities: Ziggy and Herbie

Dorito, Ziggy and Herbie
King Dorito – Instagram

Dorito also shares his life with his rescue brother Herbie, who is also a one-eyed cat, and Ziggy, who has three legs. The three cats are bonded for life and even have a specific meow for each other.

“Herbie and Dorito have an unbreakable bond, a true example of soul mates. Their communication is so strong that they even have a specific meow for each other,” she said.

“As for Ziggy and Dorito’s relationship, they too have a strong bond, however, Ziggy can sometimes get annoyed with Dorito’s persistent need for cuddles and lack of personal space.”

Dorito, Ziggy and Herbie
King Dorito – Instagram

But overall, the three adorable siblings get along and thrive together.

“All three have found love and are blossoming into their second chances at a happy life,” he said.

Having disabled pets is a rewarding experience

Dorito and Ziggy
Contributed photo – Michelle Babineau

Babineau wants people to know that adopting a disabled animal is an incredibly rewarding experience. Despite their disabilities, these sweet animals are just as adorable as any other.

“They are resilient and have incredible adaptive abilities, they don’t let their disability get in the way of their daily activities or limit their ability to bring joy to their owners,” he said. “By opening our hearts and homes to these animals, we can experience the beauty of unconditional love and the satisfaction of providing a loving home to a deserving creature.”

He explained that while life for a three-legged cat can be challenging, with the right support and care, they can lead happy and prosperous lives. The life of a one-eyed cat can also be challenging, but not as much as people might think.

“A three-legged cat can still enjoy the same activities as their four-legged counterparts, such as playing, snuggling, and exploring; Ziggy is no exception,” he said. “Cats are highly adaptable creatures. Eventually they learn to compensate for their loss of depth perception due to having only one eye.”

dorito and herbie
Contributed photo: Michelle Babineau

Babineau said The explosion that Dorito’s story of overcoming his difficulties may resonate with some of his followers and perhaps inspire them to overcome their own challenges.

“Overall, giving a cat in need a loving home is very rewarding, as cats with special needs often have a harder time finding a forever home,” Babineau said.

I hope your page will be a source of entertainment and inspiration for many. Ultimately, the goal is to create a positive community that celebrates the joy of togetherness with furry friends.”