'No one looks at him'

A dog owner who explains why she ignores her new rescue pup is melting hearts online.

In the sweet clip shared by Jess Bolton (@human.jess), he introduces TikTokers to Otto. An 18-month-old Italian Greyhound, Otto was recently adopted by Bolton and his partner Oliver.

Unfortunately, the little rescued dog has some anxiety issues. To help Otto adjust to his new home, the couple had to think outside the box.

Rescue dog Otto needed help adjusting to his new home.Jess Bolton

“His ‘invisibility cloak,’ as we’ve dubbed it, helps him feel like he has more autonomy,” Bolton said. news week.

“He’s also a very brave boy; you can see him constantly fighting his nerves to do the things that scare him and it’s very rewarding to watch.”

The couple decided to “ignore” the greyhound, allowing it to explore the house freely and come to them when it was ready.

In the video, Bolton explains that Otto doesn’t like to be approached and runs away if people approach him. So, they pretend he doesn’t exist, so he can explore his environment without human interference.

Bolton and his partner Oliver pretend that Otto “doesn’t exist” until he comes to them for attention.Jess Bolton

“Nobody looks at him, talks to him or touches him unless he explicitly asks them to,” Bolton explains in the footage.

“It sounds sad, but he loves it.”

Just like humans, it’s normal for dogs to have anxiety issues. A 2020 study published in the journal scientific reports found that 72.5 percent of dogs had at least one major fear, with noise sensitivity being the most common trigger among canines

Signs of anxiety in dogs they include destroying furniture, running and hiding, shaking or gasping (regardless of the weather), changes in appetite, frequent urination, and excessive chewing or licking.

However, there are things that homeowners can do to curb your pet’s anxietyfrom natural therapies to specialized training.

Despite an anxious start, Otto is growing more confident by the day.Jess Bolton

Unlike many rescue dogs, Otto previously lived with a loving family, but unfortunately he had trouble adjusting. He didn’t get along with another dog, so his previous owners made the heartbreaking decision to rehom him.

“Moving to a new place with new people has been a blow to his confidence,” Bolton said.

“He’s making progress every day and we’re seeing more and more of that happy guy.”

Describing it as a “little ghost”, Bolton said the technique has allowed Otto to unleash his playful side, whether it’s sniffing his new humans or sneakily nibbling on a slipper.

Otto is still learning how to “politely” ask for attention, said his owner, Jess Bolton.Jess Bolton

At the beginning of the clip, Otto can be seen nervously running around the house, visibly shaking and hiding behind furniture. In the end, he snuggles confidently with his owners and the couple’s other pet, Jess, an 8-year-old greyhound and fellow rescue.

“Jess and Otto’s bond is the best thing about having two dogs,” Bolton said.

“We handled it very carefully in the early days and it paid off. It’s like they’ve known each other their whole lives.”

He’s also learning to communicate with his humans, but doesn’t understand “manners” yet.

“Otto loves to come to us for a bit of a ruckus, but he still doesn’t know how to ask politely, so we get punched in the face a lot,” Bolton said.

“Luckily it only weighs a few kilos.”

Otto has bonded with his sister Jess, a canine rescue companion.Jess Bolton

Animal lovers applauded Bolton’s sensitive approach, and Otto’s story received 1.6 million views.

“Otto doesn’t want to be noticed,” Jules said.

“Does the video talk about a dog but I don’t see one?” joked Meglm.

“I have never been more related to another entity,” wrote noodles4ever.

“I wish people would treat me like that,” Urraca agreed.

“Living in a home where you are respected and your boundaries and needs are met, like wow,” zzirvia commented.

“This is basically how you get the cats to settle in…” Lucienne said. “He is a secret cat.”

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