Miniature Dachshund Dogs Share 'Weird' and Very Specific Bedtime Routine

An adorable pair of mini dachshunds have developed an unusual bedtime routine which has been entertaining dog lovers online.

Digit and Pippa’s owner, Beki Smith, who lives in the UK, said news week that his two dachshunds have been the “best of friends and inseparable” from the moment they met.

Eager to get a second opinion, Smith shared a clip of Digit and Pippa and them unusual routine for TikTok. The caption reads, “Is someone else’s dog that weird?” The answer was obviously yes, and the clip received close to 1 million views.

Photos of Digit and Pippa the mini dachshunds. The dachshund siblings have developed a unique bedtime routine, their owner told Newsweek.digitax

A healthy sleep pattern is crucial to a dog’s well-being. In a 2020 study published in Scientific reports. The researchers found that most of the canines experienced two “spikes” of activity during the day. First, there was a short window from 8am to 10am followed by a break in the afternoon.

The second-longest period of activity began around 5 p.m. and lasted until 11 p.m. The researchers noted that this largely applied to weekdays, with all dogs studied experiencing increased activity over the weekend. .

However, just like with humans, dogs can benefit from a routine that helps them wind down at night. It can be a treat for small dogs or a nap on a particularly comfortable cushion. In the case of Digit and Pippa, however, it is a glass of water from a very specific glass.

Every evening, without fail, the dachshund sisters demand to drink a couple of sips of water from a pink glass. This is despite the two dogs having 24/7 access to water.

It’s a routine they’ve been doing for years and Smith has no idea why. “We’ve always had glasses in the bathroom for water before bed. I think Digit once got excited, wagging his tail and licking his lips, when he saw us drinking water, so we used another glass to offer them some,” Smith. saying. “Since then, they both go to the bathroom and sit waiting for a glass to fill, or wait at the foot of the bed, licking their lips waiting for the glass of pink water.”

He added: “I think they feel part of a routine that we’ve always done for ourselves, so now when we get water, they want theirs too. But it has to be in the pink glass, otherwise I don’t think they believe that it’s for them.

“Originally, I was looking for a blonde dachshund after years of research and deciding on the breed,” Smith said. “But I fell deeply in love with Digit (black and tan) and knew he was a perfect fit for our family. We had Digit for about a year before we introduced Pippa (silver mulberry) to our family.”

The couple does everything together. “We love traveling and walking with them all over the UK to places like the Isle of Skye, Glencoe, the Lake District and Wales,” Smith said. “They love exploring new places as much as we do. They also like the enrichment activities, the beach, and of course, their food.”

He Tik Tok The clip has drawn comments from other dog owners dealing with similar quirks. “Mine is 8 years old and JUST started doing this,” wrote one TikTok user. “He doesn’t get on the couch at night until he’s had a drink of water from a blue cup.”

Another commented, “I paw at the bathroom door until I pick it up to get a drink from the sink,” while a third added, “My dog ​​has to drink out of my toothbrush holder!”

Smith certainly isn’t the only one with dogs with unusual habits. A Doberman pinscher aroused delight in September with his unique approach at bedtime. A pup also had people in stitches this March, thanks to his unusual sleeping position. Then there was the senior dog who melted hearts in October 2022 with his attachment to a toy with a very special meaning.

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