I am an animal communicator: I can talk to your dead pets


May 9, 2023 | 18:41

She is trying to lift her spirits.

A Maine woman claims she can communicate with animals in the afterlife and is using that energy to help others receive “messages.”

Danielle Mackinnon, 51 years old, she calls herself a “soul-level animal communicator”, explaining that she always felt she had the gift of communicating with the animal afterlife, but her family and friends never fully believed her.

It wasn’t until Bella, her chocolate Labrador, got sick and her friends told her to see a pet psychic that she began to realize her own talents were legitimate.

She described it as a life-changing moment, eventually leaving her marketing job to go full-time in middle work in 2005. She counts journalist Maria Menounos among her famous clientele.

Danielle MacKinnon, from Maine, claims she can communicate with pets after they’ve died.
Danielle Mackinnon/SWNS
He says he has had the gift from a very young age.
Danielle Mackinnon/SWNS

“Animals told me to quit work”, MacKinnon told SWNS.

“It was terrifying,” he continued. “I was afraid.”

As for Bella, the psychic allegedly told MacKinnon and her husband, Kevin, 52, that their dog was telling her she was upset and had eaten ears of corn because of it, something MacKinnon found to be true.

“She looked back and forth between me and my dog ​​and my husband for a moment, and then finally said, ‘Well, she’s sick because she’s upset, and because she was upset, she ate ears of corn. And the reason she’s upset is because you and her husband have been fighting over her mother,’” MacKinnon. told cosmopolitan in 2015.

She said that she trained with Bella’s psychic shortly after that experience in 2000.

MacKinnon began conducting his own readings for pet owners, claiming that he only needs the name of the pet in order to connect with its spirit.

She explained that she has always felt very connected to animals, ever since she was young. She felt that she knew what the animals were “thinking”.

All he needs is a name to be able to communicate with pets in the afterlife, he told SWNS.
Danielle Mackinnon/SWNS

“A lot of people ask to reconnect with their pet when they pass away,” he revealed to SWNS.

“The messages that animals like to give to humans are: ‘I saw you the other day working in a blue top.'”

She said they talk about people to “show that they still exist.”

She noted that pets are very intuitive with human emotions and know when we’re not sharing everything with them.

“They tune in to our emotions all the time,” MacKinnon argued. “They are so psychic, even when we try to hide it.”

The 51-year-old has also taken her talents to social media, sharing videos about her reading.
Danielle Mackinnon/SWNS

The pet communicator has a huge following on social media, with more than 180,000 followers on Tik Tok and 12,400 in Instagram.

He often explores topics like what pets think when we are too busy for them.

In a recently published article instagram reelHe said the number one message he gets from pets on the other side is to pay attention.

“There’s one thing they almost always say,” MacKinnon explained in the clip. “And that they almost always say that it is not. ‘I love you,’ it’s not, ‘Don’t forget to take out the trash,’ it’s not, ‘Hey, I’m mad at you for how I walked across.

She decided to take advantage of her gift after she and her husband, Kevin, saw a pet psychic.
Danielle Mackinnon/SWNS

“The only message they usually get is: ‘Hey, I’m here, I’m close to you, pay attention because I’m sending you messages,'” he added.

He also shared why our pets follow us to the bathroom sometimes.

“It’s not because they’re insecure, although they can be,” he reasoned. “It’s not because they’re trying to annoy you, although they could be annoying you.”

She continued: “It’s actually because they’re reading your energy and intuitively, they’re in control all the time, and when you’re in the bathroom your energy calms down, you’re in the present moment and it’s a joy to be around.

MacKinnon has published books on his observations, including one last month called “The Incredible Life After Death Of Animals: What Your Pet Wants You To Know”.

He has written books about his work.
Danielle Mackinnon/SWNS

And, according to SWNS, MacKinnon has some very important advice for owners: their pets “love everyone.”

“It’s not based on how many hugs you give them, or treats you give them,” he explained of “unconditional love.”

“It’s based on their intuitive connection to you because they can feel the love in your heart.”

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