How to get pets in Darkest Dungeon 2

In Darkest Dungeon 2, players can unlock 10 different pets as they progress through the game. These pets can give players additional buffs depending on which stagecoach items are equipped, making a significant difference in successfully completing an expedition. Some may be recognizable to those who have played the original Darkest Dungeon, while others new to the game may even evoke a desire to embrace them.

It’s worth noting that pets can only be obtained from the first inn’s shop, and once equipped to a hero in the player’s party, they cannot be removed or replaced for the rest of the expedition. Therefore, players need to choose their pets wisely and consider how they can complement their overall strategy.

Unlock pets in Darkest Dungeon 2

Players can unlock pets on The Intrepid Coast under “Company”. The Intrepid Coast is a location within The Altar of Hope in Darkest Dungeon 2. It provides players with functional and cosmetic improvements: starting games with increased resources, increased inventory space, and bonuses upon reaching certain locations. Thus, players gain significant advantages as they progress through the game.

It is important to note that Hope Sails are required to purchase these upgrades. These candles can be earned by completing certain objectives in the game.

In order to equip pets in Darkest Dungeon 2, players must first unlock them from The Altar of Hope. Once a pet has been unlocked, three will be randomly available for purchase in the shop at the first inn for 1 relic each. Relics are another form of in-game currency that can be earned by completing quests and defeating enemies.

Like the Hellflame, once a pet is equipped to a hero in the player’s party, it cannot be removed during the expedition.

Best Pet Perks in Darkest Dungeon 2

Spawn of Shambler

Shambler’s Spawn is considered the best pet in Darkest Dungeon 2. This is because it grants the player’s entire team the ability to use Cultist Trinkets without needing them to. equip a dark boost, which can take up a valuable equipment slot. The power of Cultist Trinkets is considered significant enough to make up for the potential loss of location and path scouting that Shambler’s Spawn lacks.

Orphan Wolf Club

The Orphaned Wolf Club is a valuable pet that offers heroes resistance to the stress mechanic, which is often a major obstacle during expeditions. It also grants a persistent bonus towards positive relationship chances, creating a bigger impact. Additionally, getting the pet also unlocks access to deluxe gear, which is considered one of the most advantageous stagecoach items in the game.

reanimated rabbit

The Reanimated Rabbit is a powerful pet that requires a specific build to utilize its full potential. To get the most out of this pet, it’s essential to acquire the Griddle, Ice Box, and Barrels items to ensure you have enough space to stack enough food. If executed correctly, the pet can increase the food storage space.

crimson tick

The Crimson Tick’s Blood item is a powerful asset, granting your character a boost in speed, strength, and crit at the cost of stress. Also, this item allows damage dealers like Hellion, Occultist, Jester, or Leper to one-shot enemies. While The Blood item drop rate can be influenced by chance, expect to receive three to five per expedition.

Overall, pets can provide valuable bonuses and benefits to the player’s party in Darkest Dungeon 2 while serving as a valuable asset in overcoming the game’s challenging dungeons and enemies.