Cat's reaction to the vet's unusual methods has the internet in stitches: 'Her face'

The moment a cat was spun around in a chair to make it vomit has left the internet in stitches.

Veterinarian and Wellnergy Pets CEO/Founder Dr. Zonram Liao posted the video from his veterinary office after a cat was brought into his clinic because it had consumed a lily.

Many plants are toxic to cats, but lilies are particularly dangerous. Every part of the plant from the stem to the bulb and even the pollen can cause a reaction that can result in death.

“The toxicity of lilies is lethal to cats. In fact, cats can suffer life-threatening kidney failure just by ingesting the leaves, petals, pollen or even water from a vase containing cut lilies,” Zonram said. Liao. news week.

The cat has left the internet in stitches after you had to turn him around in an office chair to help him throw up.dr.zonramliao/Instagram

He cautioned that signs of lily toxicity in cats include:

  • Vomiting, lethargy, drooling, and loss of appetite
  • Increased drinking and urination, initially after ingestion, from kidney damage (in the first 12 to 24 hours)
  • Not urinating at all later as complete kidney failure comes into play (36-72 hours later)

If you think your cat has ingested a toxic substance, it’s important to seek veterinary attention as soon as possible. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) also runs a 24/7 poison control center. Pet Owner Hotline at 1-888-426-4435.

The cat in the video was doing well after being cared for by Liao and his team. But the method of making his body reject the toxic substance left the Internet in stitches.

“It’s quite difficult to make cats vomit in general, and in this case, the cat didn’t vomit just from an injection, so turning the cat around can help cats vomit in these cases,” Liao said. “Fortunately for us, it worked out well for us here.”

In thousands of comments, netizens expressed their surprise at the method.

“I feel like you could put him on a really nice rug and he’d throw up right away,” one commenter quipped. Another said: “His face from him lol but I hope he feels better soon!”

After the unorthodox method, the cat was much better. “Our little boy vomited up the lilies he ate, and after checking the blood tests and a day of hospitalization, everything was fine,” Liao said.

Cases like this are very common. “Especially around Easter or Valentine’s Day,” Liao said. “When people buy and bring home flowers for their loved ones.”

He stressed the importance of researching any plants you bring into a home where pets live.

“Definitely do your homework before buying flowers or plants in homes with pets,” the vet said. “There are great resources, like the ASPCA’s poison control website, where you can look up which plants and flowers may be toxic to your pet.”

news week has also compiled a list of plants that can be toxic to cats.

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