SEATTLE, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amend Pet (“the Company”), a microbiome solutions company, today announced the launch of its partnership with the Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV) to provide ASV members with a microbiome transplant therapy affordable and easy-to-manage fecal microbiota. (FMT) and microbiome tests to assess dysbiosis in dogs. FMT is a proven treatment for recurrent diarrhea in pets, but until now it has been too labor intensive and expensive for veterinarians to use widely.

With the partnership, ASV members will have discounted access to Amend Pet’s FMT test tools and preparation device, as well as free access to Amend Pet’s RACE-approved continuing education courses in the rapidly advancing field of healthcare. of the canine microbiome.

Widely recognized as critical to animal health, the gut microbiome can be easily disrupted in shelter pets that are subjected to high levels of stress and often arrive with a medical history. The result is often acute and chronic diarrhea. Broad-spectrum antibiotics used to treat diarrhea can further disrupt the health of the gut microbiome, triggering a recurring cycle of illness with detrimental outcomes for patients and providers.

FMT, which harnesses the microbiome of donors from healthy pets to replenish the gut microbiome of pets with diarrhea, is a proven treatment, but has traditionally involved a significant preparation burden for staff and high procedural costs for shelters through invasive specialized treatments such as enema and colonoscopy. Amend Pet’s FMT capsule device and test solution allow veterinarians to prepare multiple transplant regimens in 5 to 10 minutes in their own facility from pet donors they know and trust.

“We are excited to support ASV veterinarians who are maximizing limited resources to provide a vital service for countless animals,” he said. mike goonewardene, CEO of Amend Pet. “ASV members now have low-cost access to this important treatment.”

“At ASV our job is to provide members with the resources they need to improve and save the lives of more animals in need,” said the ASV Executive Director. tom van winkle. “Our partnership with Amend Pet opens the door to innovative products and services in a vital area of ​​care, digestive health, for animals residing in shelters across the country.”


Launched in 2022, Amend Pet’s mission is to expand access to the healing power of the gut microbiome. Amend Pet offers microbiome testing and analysis, along with an FMT treatment preparation device, to offer clinicians a way to treat acute and chronic intestinal conditions. The Amend Pet Microbiome Collection and Prep (CAP) device allows providers to simply collect, mix, filter, and encapsulate a fecal transplant for use in veterinary medicine.


The Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV) is the professional organization for more than 2,000 shelter veterinarians and 23 student chapters around the world. ASV’s mission is to promote and support the practice of shelter medicine to improve animal health and welfare in the community.

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