8 ways to make your pet feel part of the family |  Lifestyle

It’s said that pets can be people’s best friends, but the relationships between people and their four-legged friends often run even deeper. In fact, many consider pets to be an integral part of their families.

From eating and playing together to matching outfits and more, consider these practical ways to make dogs and cats feel like important members of your household so you can become two peas in a pod.

play oftenPlaytime is an easy (and fun) way to bond with pets, whether your furry friends prefer fetch, tug-of-war, or any other game that keeps you both active. In addition to the emotional benefits, it can help keep them in better physical shape; you might even get a little exercise too.

feed human grade foodSharing a meal with people is a common way to connect, and that same connection can be made with pets. Feeding them at the same time you sit down to eat can create a special bond. Although it’s tempting to feed them off your plate, consider a human-grade food option like Full Moon Pet’s Freshly Crafted. Created for pet owners looking for quality, homemade ingredients without additives or preservatives, this fresh-frozen food includes 100% human-grade ingredients like real USDA chicken breast and cranberries, which means it looks, smells, and tastes just like the food you you would cook yourself cooks while providing the full nutritional benefits pets need to thrive.

With flavors including Homestead Turkey, Ranch-Raised Beef and Free-Range Chicken, these select meals promote skin and coat health, support immune health and stimulate muscle growth.

Set up a special spaceJust like humans, pets need a little quiet from time to time. Creating an area they can retreat to with a bed, blankets, and their favorite toys provides a “safe space” where they can be comfortable. Plus, it’s a perfect place for them to nap when you’re gone and the house is empty.

Schedule regular wellness visitsThe vet’s office may not be your furry friend’s favorite place, but scheduling regular checkups is an important part of pet ownership. A quality, balanced diet can reduce trips to the vet to just essential visits, often annual or semi-annual, and help your pets live happy, healthy lives.

Show loveTummy rubs, freshly brushed coats, and just spending time together are effective ways to show pets affection. Another way to share your love is to reward dogs with their favorite treats like Full Moon Chicken Jerky, which is a meaty, protein-rich treat made with few ingredients, including USDA chicken breast, so you can feel good about giving your dog your pets a treat that tastes good and is good for them.

take pets on vacationAvoid the anxiety of leaving pets behind on your next trip and let them join in on the fun. Exploring the world together is an exciting way to bond as you can visit new places, find dog parks, and discover pet-friendly restaurants. If it’s your pet’s first road trip, consider a shorter jaunt to make sure he’s comfortable in the car, and be sure to bring all the essentials like food, water, bowls, bedding, toys, and medication.

wear matching clothesWhen you’re dressed to feel your best, you’re likely to feel more confident in yourself. Give pets that same sense of satisfaction by dressing them in the same clothes you plan to wear for a walk around the block or to the dog park. The next time there’s a family photo shoot, plan to include furry friends in matching outfits so everyone can dress to impress.

celebrate special occasionsBirthdays, gotcha days, or holidays are perfect times to celebrate bonding with your pets. Make the day even more special by enjoying favorites like going for a walk, going to the dog park, gifting a new toy, enjoying special treats, and more.